Airing my thoughts on THE FLASH Season 5

Going into this season, I had heard that there were a number of people that weren’t fans of it. Whether it is because they always felt the show was in decline, or if they just had issues with this season. Which puts me in the minority because…I really enjoyed this season!

I thought Nora was a great addition. She was the focal point for a lot of things story wise and I really enjoyed her. I was a little disappointed that Ralph didn’t get that much to do and he has quickly become one of my favorites on this show, but he still left an impact. I have always enjoyed Caitlin since the beginning, but once Killer Frost entered the picture, she became significantly more interesting. I love the dynamic and relationship between the 2 personalities. As for Killer Frost by herself, I love her. I mean I have a crush on her, but yea she’s great as a character too.

I had noticed that in terms of characters, the Cicada gets a lot of criticism. The first Cicada was enjoyable for me. Appropriately creepy and intimidating, I liked him. The second Cicada I will admit is more interesting psychologically speaking and does pose a more physical threat. Glad to see the Reverse Flash, he is always great (all though I will admit, I’m not completely sure how he showed up on Earth X and how he got from there to being captured in 2049. I don’t even think they explained HOW he got captured). There were a couple of small baddies I liked, including Rag Doll, Goldface, and Icicle.

The story for this season I thought was pretty good. There were a couple of annoyances, mainly when Barry AGAIN makes a big decisions without consulting anyone before he does it. All though he and Iris do get in a big confrontation about it and hopefully these kinds of decisions will be over.

So, yea. I actually really enjoyed this season, and I know there are a lot of people that might disagree with me on this. I still say Season 1 is my favorite if that makes anyone happy.


EDT well the show is certainly popular enough for the CW to order more. While I think a show reduction to about 16 episodes would tighten and improve it, this was Stan enjoyable season for me. I liked Nora more at the beginning and end of the season, at first she’s in total awe and late she’s trying to make up for her mess. But, in general she added something. One upside to the largely downside of loosing Vibe his hopefully more Ralph next season. And, with a new costume sen in on set photos more Frost.
My big suggestion for the show would to not worry about a big bad for the whole season. Go with smaller 2-4 episode arcs, and a few bottle episodes.

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I can summarize Season 5 with two words:

Baby Giraffe.

If that doesn’t get people to watch Season 5, nothing will (except maybe the comic accurate Flash Ring, which unfortunately was only showcased once. Dang it.)


Loved Season 5. The second half was really good. The Flash is the only CW show I still watch. What an emotional ending with Nora. Great fight between King Shark and Grodd. I am normally not a fan of the filler eps. but this season they did a good job and really tugged at your heart strings.

I was mixed on Season 5, I didn’t dislike it. But will say I personally just wasn’t a fan of Nora, the actress did a good job (and was really cute as well) and I don’t hold it against her. I saw footage of her on other stuff and she is good, and I am sure did the best with what she was given. But she was so whiny and it was always something she had a problem with. Her resentment of Iris was a bad story arc too, it was kind of interesting at first… what happened to make Iris the “bad mother” and cold person Nora described, how did she go from the one we know to what she became. But the answer, she wasn’t it was just nora’s inacurate memories and IRis was the perfect mother, was just not a rewarding payoff and the least interesting way they could have gone. it didn’t do Nora’s character any favors either since it made her look more whiny and entitled. And why Iris surpressed her powers… made perfect sense but again it was the easiest out and even if it made iris technically wrong it was not a huge surprise to reveal she did it because she was overprotective. Seemed so obvious I figured it had to be something else but nope.

Cicade was also not a great Big Bad. Was nice to see last season of not having another evil speedster… he is better than me… gotta go faster, was not a fluke. And it was a nice change of pace to have a big bad who for pretty much the whole season didn’t know who The Flash was. But cicada was a fairly one dimensional character, or really totally one dimensional and his change of heart when his daughter came around felt like a classic example of “the plot called for it”. I got he was apparently supposed to see what his hate had manifested but he went from seeing metas as non humans who had to die on the spot to “that meta didn’t mean to kill your mother it was an accident lets not do this anymore” out of literal nowhere and it made no real sense.

And the daughter. I will admit her turning out to be the second big bad was a nice twist, I did not see it coming. But at the same time this was supposed to be born out of the influence of a guy who raised her for 1 year a lot of which she spent resenting him. To completely losing her perspective due to his hate decades later. It just seemed kind of rediculous and then she mostly abandoned it for some “she is just plain crazy” ultimate motivation when she killed him. It just felt like a mess.

The season had a lot of good points, a lot of good stand alone episodes and the cast was great as always. But a bad new character in Nora and a lackluster Big Bad kept me from enjoying it as much as I wished I did. I am glad you enjoyed it and so many did though, it was not a bad season.

@DanTheManOne1, Oh same here I wasn’t a fan of Nora’s character either. I do feel it ended strong though with her fading from existence. (helped give weight to the story). I agree I think Kennedy is a good actress I hated her in Black Sails. (her acting was great & she was super hot of course & oh that accent!) but I hate characters that are always lying and sceaming.

I have mixed feelings about season 5 of the Flash. I liked how the season started out and I liked how they ended it. Nora was adorable in the beginning, but she got more annoying as the season progressed. Cicada was just not a good villain. I also think that the Flash could improve if they shortened the season from 22 to about 16 or 17 episodes. There were too many filler episodes. Over all, it was a good season. It was much better than the previous season.