After WW84 what DCEU movies would you release in 2020?

WB are releasing Aquaman this year and 3 films next, but we don’t have any clue what DCEU film they are going to release in 2020 except maybe Suicide Squad 2 which I feel doesn’t need to be made yet. If you was in full control of the DCEU what movies would you release and when? You can go into detail and state which villain you would put in the movie and even state who you would cast to play each role.

2020 Films

  1. Flash & Cyborg solo films Flash with April release and Cyborg August
  2. Batman solo film with Armie Hammer as Batman and Court of Owls as main villains and Riddler has a lil cameo and joins Legion of Doom at the end

2021 Films

  1. MoS 2 with Henry Cavil as supes and Metallo or Bizarro as side villain and Lex main mastermind villain.
  2. Black Adam film with Dwayne Johnson and at the end Adam is recruited into Legion of Doom
  3. Justice League 2 with legion of Doom (Shazam apart of the League)

2022 Films

  1. Batman 2 with the Penguin, Riddler and Victor Zsasz as villains
  2. Green Lantern Movie with Hal and John vs Amon Sur as villain
  3. Aquaman 2 with Siren as villain with Aqualad alongside Aquaman working undercover for black manta

2023 Films

  1. Shazam 2 with Supes and Black Adam
  2. Flash 2 with The Rogues as villains
  3. Supergirl with Braniac invading earth and Supergirl, Supes and the League going against him

2024 Films

  1. Wonder Woman 3 with Circe and Giganta as villain
  2. Cyborg 2 with Anomaly as villain posing as Cyborgs father
  3. Aquaman 3 with Aqualad revealing he was actually working undercover for Aquaman and helps Aquaman stop Black Manta

2025 Films

  1. Green Lantern Corp movie with Sinestro Corp as villains. John and Hal go to earth to warn the League of Darkseid at the end
  2. Suicide Squad 2 with Amazo as villain
  3. Justice League 3 part 1 with Darkseid invading takes out most the team quite easily and takes control of half of the world

2026 Films

  1. Martian Manhunter film with Malefic as villain
  2. Vixen film with Anansi or Antagon as the villain.
  3. Hawkgirl and Hawkman film with Shadow-Thief as villain
  4. Green Arrow Film with Count Vertigo as Villain

2027 Films

  1. Captain Atom film with Major Force as villain
  2. Flash 3 with timetravel and reverse flash as villain
  3. Justice League 3 Part 2 Darkseid joined by Vandal Savage against the League (This time the whole league Zatanna, Green Arrow, M Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Vixen, Booster Gold and Captain Atom and the rest of the League all included)

2028 Films

  1. Cyborg 3 with Grid as villain
  2. MoS 3 with Lobo as villain. End scene of Superboy in a Cadmus pod
  3. Batman 3 With Joker and Harley as villain and either Tim Drake as Joker Jr or have Nightwing help batman out

2029 New Generation Films

  1. Green Lantern 3 with Hal and John alongside Kyle Rayner against Anti Monitor
  2. Nightwing Film
  3. Deathstroke Film
  4. Red Arrow Film

2030 New Generation Films

  1. Wally West Flash Film
  2. Aqualad film
  3. Superboy villain Film. Nightwing, Red Arrow, Aqualad and Wally find him they free him and he attacks them at then at the end he helps them and joins them.
  4. Zatanna solo film with Felix Faust as villain

Next years go onto make new teen titans film and more

I know this is a very long list but if I was in control this is mainly what I would release. I would also go ahead with a low budget Birds of Prey film, A Justice League Dark film, Legion of Superhero film and Bat family film.


That’s awesome @supremelcon!

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Thanks @RayneKing09

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Wow you put a lot of thought into your 12 year dc movie plan. Great job.

WW and Shazam, what’s the third movie next year?


Thanks @Foodini and the Joker Movie

Well, the Joker movie comes out around the time the WW movie does (late 2019). It looks like Birds of Prey will be in 2020 and Green Lantern Corps MIGHT come late in the year. Looks like Cyborg and Flash will be your 2021 movies.

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