After the Trigon Arc They must do a Judas Contract Arc

I just finished reading the Judas Contract and I loved it! It would be amazing if Titans could do this arc! What do you guys think?


I’d be in 100%. I just finished entire TNTT run. There also a possibility of the Superboy they showed being rogue & attacking the Titans b4 he joins them to destroy his creators. That arc was in the run too & the show ended with it.

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Going rogue dumb autocorrect not being rogue

I would love to see Judas Contract done after Trigon. @Redhood, we don’t often agree - but I am with you on this one! :slight_smile:

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@HarleysPuddin, CROWBAR

I would love to see Titans to do their own version of the Judas Contract. It’s one of my favorite story-lines!

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@WonderFlash, I loved it, it could introduce Nightwing in the show

Kind of torn. It is an epic storyline but I feel like it’s been done a few times. That is probably my favorite animated movie though.

I would be up for Judas Contract. @shanty51.96774, I know what you mean, you love the story but if there going to do something live action you kinda want a new plot line. Still it would be cool to see tarra’s powers in live action if they can afford it. Also I would really love for them to do a live action or animated story dealing with the titans vs. titans of olympus combining the first part with Hyperion and the battle with his wife later.