After the dc tv slate on here what character would like to see get a show?

What character do you feel deserves or would make a good dc tv live action or animated show on dc universe.

As far as live action after star girl I would have go with deathstroke. With deathstroke the grittier darker tone on here would work and you could the story line of deathstroke Becoming deathstroke and growing into this man who eventually takes out Ra’s al Ghul. Maybe even a red hood

As far as animated show for after Harley Quinn. My favorite idea of all bring back Batman Beyond. The show has done great numbers and on her and other sites is pretty popular. With the new storyline where Matt becomes robin and all would be amazing. So my vote is Batman beyond on the animated side.

Booster Gold is a natural. A time traveling, comedic, adventure series. I’d pay to watch that. Oh, yeah…


The Question & Static Shock. A live action noire detective show about The Question would be dope. As for Static, a live action show about him would be really cool.

Phantom Stranger

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Blue Beetle. Both Arrow and The Flash series has talked about Kord Industries in multiple episodes. I’m really surprised that Ted Kord has not been introduced yet.

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Teen Titans. I know we are getting a titans tv show but I mean one set in the arrowverse. So they can have arsenal, kid flash, nightwing, beastboy and starfire.

I’d love a live action batman beyond. And I want an animated mini series for the Metal story arc.

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