After Seeing the Batman and Looking Back, the Batsuit Carried Pretty Hard

Patinson’s batman ate a whole military arsenal when you really think about it. What is his suit made of?

That’s how it is with pretty much every Batman in my opinion. Anytime I read a Batman comic, I accept that there’s a level of plot/invisible armor on him. Especially when he’s just in spandex. It’s also not like this movie doesn’t completely beat down on Bruce.

Maybe I never paid attention to it in Nolan’s movies. Affleck immediately disarmed the people in the warehouse and when he did get shot and looked like it at least hurt. Pattinson kinda felt like a Terminator in comparison.

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no. It’s all about what serves the story best. Once again, the movie does beat down on Bruce when he rams into a truck in the wingsuit and is beaten down in the finale and needs the adrenaline to go one for example. I can watch Bruce disarm a bunch of people in BvS, but I don’t know if that’s necessarily even realistic. My rule of thumb with this stuff is that as long as the story is solid/engaging enough, I’m willing to look over minor stuff like this that would build realism.

Maybe it is because The Batman is of his early years whereas in BvS Batman is older. The lack of gadgets like the weapon disarming devices that Batfleck had and even batarangs might come later as he learns to build them or something.

Yeah! Fair enough. Like I said, I enjoyed the story and film overall. I was never really bored and I only really pay attention to this kind of stuff when I get uninterested. But I could understand how this kind of stuff could be frustrating. if that level of realism is important or if someone didn’t really like the film.

My suit is made of skin tight spandex of course.


I don’t think Affleck’s suits have much, if any, body armor

Yeah, I thought the amount of gun shots Batman took seemed off/too high. I agree he wasn’t impervious, as pointed out above, but the lack of deflection/impact reaction in some scenes stood out as enough of a distraction for me to throw me out of the movie. My immersion, lol!

Plot armor.

It is not made of armor. It is made of my parents’ bed sheets. I turned them into a costume with my batsewing kit.


I got to say, I didn’t notice the “bed sheets” part at first and I was very concerned. Like what fresh Dark Multiverse hell did I stumble into? :rofl:

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Please, I am nowhere near as dark as other heroes like Superman.

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It’s made from blankets. The kind that, when you’re a kid, you throw over your head to deflect the monsters from the closet and under the bed…


My blankets are far fancier than that. They cost more than your house.

I love when batsuits are so much more than just a utility belt. I love seeing all parts of the suits integrated with gadgets. Pattinson’s suit for me is the perfect compromise. Realistic with an Arkham Knight feel

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Just needs to be quieter and have bat-arangs

We’ll probably get that in the next movie.

Hope so