after Robin

Should Damian be Nightwing?

Fu*k No!

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I would quit DC if that happened.

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He should become Jokers replacement after he kills him

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That’s a cool idea

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Yes but only if we’re talking about the future that will never actually come to pass were Dick becomes Batman permanently before Damian himself takes the cowl

No no no no. No no no. No thank you


He should take up the Batman mantle after Alfred dies. A batterd and broken Bruce could be the man in the chair for a whole league of bat guys.Batman, nightwing, red hood, red robin, batwoman, batgirl,batwing,and bring in a new robin hell throw in black canary, huntress. Run the whole thing out of Wayne manner. Call it B.A.T. bad ass team. Crime in Gotham would fall like a stone in water. Surrounded by his son and dearest friends Bruce would live to see his dream come true.

In the injustice comics we see him become nightwing and although that’s a cool concept I feel like his transformation after robin should look more like jason Todd’s transformation being able to turn his personality into his own character not taking over as batman or nightwing

I will never forgive his story arc in the Injustice universe. The big moment between him and dick in the comics with him later becoming Nightwing got my blood boiling.

He’s rebellion against Bruce/Batman in the games sealed the deal for me loath him.

I already hated him since day 1 but the Injustice universe stuff makes me want Deathstroke to brutally take him out!

After Robin in the main comic universe, he should make his own persona.