Advice for reading comics in a certain order?

I would love to read the entire line of DC comics beginning with 2016 Rebirth.
I have tried to select just that era, and it doesn’t remove any titles.

I have tried sorting by date, that is also a fail.

This should be a simple thing .

Any tips?

From what I hear, usually just pick a title that interests you and run with it. I’m in the same boat as you though. I want to go further back and start with the New 52 first since Rebirth reboots it or what have you.

Nathan.Payson has a thread which links to a 55 page document on Rebirth on this Comic Book Forum

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Called My Massive Rebirth Reading Order.

Part 7 lists all of Rebirth.

I just went to comic books > browse all comics > eras > rebirth, and it filtered out all the non-Rebirth era comics just fine. Perhaps you were confused because not all the titles that came out since Rebirth (2016) say Rebirth on the cover? Or perhaps you thought it would give you a complete chronological listing of every issue.

I would discourage you from reading every single Rebirth title. I’ve just about finished the initial arcs of each Rebirth title to decide which ones I want to follow, and tha took me three months to do. Unless you have a crazy amount of free time, reading every Rebirth comic would be a big undertaking. I’d suggest trying stuff out until you find what you like and then stick with that for awhile until you feel like trying something new again.

If you are determined to read everything, then you can find suggested reading orders online. Some people here have made their own lists you might be able to find via searching. DC has nothing official and there’s no perfect way to read them. If you just read them with the release schedule, you’d get a single issue of Flash then a single issue of Batman then a single issue of Wonder Woman, ect., and after reading about thirty different titles, you’d finally get back to the next issue of Flash. That’s no fun., There’s not a perfect way to read them. Personally, I’ve picked out my favorites from Rebirth and I’m reading story arc by story arc through several titles. For instance, I just finished an arc in Action Comics and the next Action Comics arc starts on 10/12/16, so I’m switching to an earlier beginning story arc in another title I want to follow, Batman which starts on 9/21/16. I plan to continue this until I catch up.