Advice For A Dad

So, I’ve just gotten back into DC, and one of the reasons is my 6-year old son loves Batman and Superman. It makes me happy, because I used to read Comics when I was a kid, so it’s something we can both enjoy together. Here’s the $10M question: Where should I begin? There’s so much content, it’s very overwhelming. We love Batman and Superman l, and I’m leaning towards the newer comics. I will take any and all suggestions. We have discovered HBO Max and have been watching DC content every day for the past month. I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys!



Here is what you do. Take any particular episode or movie you both love that is an adaptation. Then just read the comic. For example if he loves Justice League Unlimited then how about the Justice League Unlimited comics. If he loves Stargirl then do Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E. or Justice League of America (2013).


We do love Justice League. He was fascinated with Batman v Superman. Just couldn’t get over the fact that they were battling. Then, when he saw Doomsday, the boy lost his s***. Haha


I’ll take a stab at Superman.

Great books to read with your kid:

  • Superman Smashes the Klan. This one is actually a good read for all ages. Read it to my daughter and she was really engaged with the story.
  • Dear Justice League. A fun original graphic novel. Aimed at kids, but humorous and full of heart. Don’t think it’s available on DCU though.
  • Anything by Art Baltazar. Teeny Titans, Super Powers. These are really made for kids, but don’t really make for great adult reading. My kids enjoyed me reading ‘em to them before bed.

As for main continuity books, since you are leaning towards newer work:

The above two series will get you started with Rebirth, a great entry point, especially for a dad like you. It introduces Clark and Lois as parents to young Jon Kent. You can pretty much continue from there through Brian Bendis’ runs on Superman and Action Comics and get current on present day Superman.

Finally one more recommendation (since you mentioned Batman and Superman):


I think this series is phenomenal and really illustrates the duality and friendship between the two perfectly. The art is a blast too.


Thank you so much for that feedback!


Anytime, friend. Happy to help!


Hmm​:thinking: not sure. As someone new comics when this app launched I just started with Rebirth and went up from there :sweat_smile: (with occasional looks back through curiosity)

The Superman/Batman comics have been fun to get a dose of both. The older ones the animated Batman/Superman movies are based on we’re fun. The current Bat and Supes Team up run focus more on Death Metal and the Bat who laughs but that the only two runs I’ve read. Not sure about the others. (Are there others​:sweat_smile:)


If your kid likes Batman and Superman I really recommend the Super Sons! It’s a great series with a lot of Batman and Superman.


It’s more of a kid friendly comic too.


My 8 yr old loves the digital first editions, INJUSTICE, BATMAN NEW ADVENTURES,etc. The wide-screen(landscape mode) makes it easier for him to follow as a new reader to funnybooks.


Awesome! Adding it to the ever-growing list.


Here are some great suggestions, I hope this helps both you and your son.

Your Son:
Batman: The Brave and The Bold Comic
The Batman Adventure (Batman: The Animated Series Comic)
Superman Smashes The Klan
Justice League Adventure (Justice League TV Comic)
Justice League: Unlimited Comic

Batman New 52 by Scott Snyder
Detective Comics Rebirth by James Tynion IV (#934-981)
Batman Year One
The Long Halloween
Dark Victory
The Black Mirror
Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth
Superman: Secret Origins
Superman: For All Seasons
Read Both Action Comics Rebirth and Superman Rebirth at the same time
Action Comics Rebirth by Dan Jurgens (#957-1,000 and Special)
Superman Rebirth by Tomasi and Gleason
Kingdom Come

For Both of You
All Star Superman
DC: The New Frontier
Super Sons Vol 1
Super Sons Vol 2


And the list continues to grow…

Thank you!


This is a really good book, but just a content warning, depending on the kid.

I for one am someone who started with mainstream comics when I was young, and I believe it really goes down to knowing the kid and what they can handle when deciding on whether or not to stick to the more kid friendly stuff over everything else.


Kids are very impressionable, so we shield him from the really graphic stuff, obviously. But he’s seen some things to where he asks questions, and I of course give him dumb-down answers. He’ll get there.


First Jon Kent
2015 Superman Lois and Clark Introduction of Jon Kent, their son. Dan Jurgens followed by Superman Rebirth in 2016, by Tomasi followed by Super Sons.

Lois and Jon are kidnapped twice and the house they arebin, set on fire.
Also, much more involved with continuity and parallel worlds, so maybe not for a very young child
It’s the only comic series where family is stressed. And Jon lived on a farm, with solid neighbors and a girl friend, before going to Metropolis.
Great until writer Bendis had other ideas and made him into a teenager

The Billy Batson title is great, with a prominent kick ass Mary Marvel. She is a very young girl, much younger than Billy.

Then look for books with cartoony style
Many end with the word Adventure

Stories with Harley Quinn may not be appropriate

There are titles for

Justice League
Justice League Unlimited
Super Friends
Super Powers
Superman Family
Supergirl in Eighth Grade
Legion of Superheroes in 31st Century
Batman 66
Superman and Buggs Bunny
Tiny Titans
Teen Titans go
Batman and Robin
Batman Beyond
Krypto the Super Dog

Some Hanna Barberra comics are NOT for kids. They are too sophisticated. Like Flinstones,
Snagglepuss. Great comics for adults though

Future Quest two series. A lot of characters, which might be confusing

There are also Looney Tunes teams up here with Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman,
Read before letting kid read.
Batman and Elmer Fudd may be too soon.

Never read the Jetsons but society is crumbling, with few SurvIvors.


I second this. All the Super Sons comics are a great place to start. It is very kid friendly but also adult friendly.


Definitely Tiny Titans… it will be good to introduce him to popular characters like Robin, but also other characters that aren’t as popular. While Tiny Titans is literally made with the intent for young children, and the version of Slade and Darkseid is completely different from how they are in mainstream comics, it’s a good building block to get kids to hear about these characters, so maybe when your son is older and if he is still reading, he’ll remember hearing about them.


I was just talking about the Tiny Titans with him yesterday. Thanks!


Yes, this is also a really great run.