Adventures of Superman

Currently watching this with my kids, I used to watch this show in the early 90’s on Nick at Nite when I was 7. Such a great show. My middle son who is autistic and is 12 loves Superman and is really getting into the show. He’s sitting here wearing a Superman cape. Thanks DC Universe for giving me a memory I’ll truly remember.


@ReallyReallReallyDarkGray, that’s the kind of experience that keeps us inspired to do the things we do. Your son must have a beautiful heart if Superman is his hero. Thank you so much for sharing with us.
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That’s really neat and cool to hear. I too grew up with the Adventures of Superman on Nick at Nite.


I’m watching season one with approximately an episode a day. The show is very funny and amazing.


I first watch it when I was 14 when it was on Nick at Nite. Back in 2006 I got to meet a lady who play as a little girl playing a ball with a mole man in ‘Superman and th e Mole man.’ She was really nice. I’m thankful the show is still around for many to enjoy watching this classic series. :slightly_smiling_face:


The Adventures of Superman was my intro to the wondrous world of Superman. As a boy, back in the sixties, I would watch it every night on the local WPIX station Channel 11. To this day I still find them entertaining, funny–and yes-- at times thrilling. LOOK! UP IN THE SKY…! Just for the record my favorite episode is the season two mystery: “A Ghost For Scotland Yard”. It scared the crap out of me as a little kid.

@RRRDarkGray, beautiful post and that is truly awesome that you can share the experience with your kids!

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RRRdarkgray that’s awesome dad work you got going on. The folks at DCU should be proud for making it possible for you and your kids to enjoy this classic together.