Adventures Of Superman

I finished The whole series of Adventures Of Superman yesterday. George Reeves has become one of my favorite Superman. I also liked how Clark Kent is a formidable reporter and not a bumbling guy in the series. The graphics show its age, and some of the episodes were campy, but I enjoyed every episode. What I liked the most was seeing Superman smash through walls every time he makes an entrance.


This show is great (and the basis for the name of the first Adventures of Superman comic series too). I remember watching it on Nick at Nite wearing a towel over my shoulders pretending I was Superman when I was little.

I think the visuals hold up well given the show’s age and budget. Still a very fun show.


Congratulation on watching all 104 episodes! :slight_smile:


I remember trying to watch all these and the Kirk Allen shorts on Nick at Nite too! I’m pretty sure that was the first week my family had cable, they were doing a Superman marathon for his 50th anniversary, iirc.
Great show.