Adventures Of Superman Season 3

I love every side of DC from campiness to brutally dark and gritty stories. Season 3 is more on the campy side compared to the first 2 seasons. The violence was toned down as well. If the bad guys didn’t knock themselves out, Superman would use a single Spongebob karate chop on them. This is also the first season in color. These are my 3 favorite episodes from this season.

  1. Superman Week
  2. Clark Kent, Outlaw
  3. Flight To The North (The Episode is pretty much about stealing a lemon meringue pie Lol!)

Love Flight to the north the best! Rifleman Chuck Connor play Mr. Superman! :slight_smile: I think Ben Walden who play Louie really stole the show, all he want is a yummy pie just to win a bet! :slight_smile:


Best of the color seasons. To add to the above great picks:
Bully of Dry Gulch
King for a Day
Test of a Warrior
Great Caesar’s Ghost

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Many of these episodes were culled from the current Superman books of that era. They were fun. exciting, colorful adventures that featured moral lessons for the kids. Hey, if
Superman could get a cat out of a locked safe (thanks, Jimmy) than little Bobby or Ann could do their part to help neighbors and friends.