Adventures Of Superman Season 2

I finished season 2 the other day. George Reeves is just excellent as both Clark Kent and Superman. Noel Neil takes over as Lois Lane for Phyllis Coates. There are 3 episodes from this season that were my favorites.

  1. The Defeat Of Superman introduces Kryptonite for the first time on the show.

  2. Superman In Exile features Superman stopping an atomic disaster. He becomes radio active and has to retreat away from civilization.

  3. Panic In The Sky features Superman attempting to stop an asteroid coming to Earth. He fails to completely stop the asteroid, and he gets amnesia from the impact.


Today I was just watching a episode called Superman week, that was a good episode. My two most favorite episode is ‘The face and the voice’, and ‘Flight to the north.’ :slight_smile:


@Reaganfan I just watched Superman Week episode. That’s one of my favorites of season 3! I’m halfway through season 3 now.

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“Panic in the Sky” (S2.E12) is one of my favorite episodes from this series. “Lois & Clark” even did a re-make of it in their first season called “All Shook Up.” (S1.E12)