Adding new shows

So, are there any plans to add some of the more recent series to the site? Like Legends of tomorrow, Supergirl, Flash, Beware the Batman, Justice League Action, Arrow, Flash, Black Lightning, any others I’ve missed.

Also same question but for some of the animated movies that are missing?

Just curious, sorry if this has been asked already.

In the case of all the CW shows, for a while WB had a deal with Netflix to air the shows over there. The deal expires soon, if it hasn’t already. After that, no one’s sure where they’ll go. Having them here would definitely up subscriber numbers, but WB could easily decide it’s more viable on their personal streaming service instead.

Beware the Batman’s probably gonna be here soon, since it was about as popular as Green Lantern the Animated Series. Justice League Action I believe is still going strong on Cartoon Network, along with Teen Titans Go!, so they probably won’t be up here anytime soon.

And as for most animated films, a lot of them are licensed out to other services because WB makes money by having them there. So you might see various movies animated or otherwise leave for a period of time because WB decided to let Netflix or Hulu rent them for a bit, but they’ll always come back, don’t worry.

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Justice League Action ceased airing on Cartoon Network nearly a year ago, if not longer. It’s fate rests in whatever deal WBTV has with Hulu over it.

Once that deal expires, it’d be great to see JLA here. It’s a very fun show.