Adding Buying Options for Comics Read both Digital & Physical

I’ve been enjoying the app, with some minor issues I do feel those involved are handling things well, but I was thinking there are several stories I’ve read and would like to get in physical form. I can of course go to my comic shop or even Amazon, but with thisapp having a store option I find it strange that they don’t have any comics (digital or physical) available to buy if we like a story enough.
With Netflix or Hulu I will watch a film/show and if I like it enough I buy the Blu-Ray or DVD, since I prefer having the object in my hand. The same goes for comics. I’d love to see the option to buy what you read and have that choice of digital or physical like they have on DC

I wanted to let you know that it is believed though not confirmed that DCU is no longer working on the buying option and instead opting for a new system to bring more comics over. Either that or the buying option has been delayed.