Add Supernatural?

Does anybody think that “Supernatural”'s characters and all the monsters that they hunt (once you clean up any direct conflicts) would fit very well into the DC comics multiverse? I would love to see the JL save Sam and Dean when they get in over their heads for example.


DC Comics has already written comics based on the show. So, it is possible.

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Actually, my thought for a DC/Supernatural crossover would be Dean and Sam meeting up with John Constantine. I would love to see how John interacts with the Supernatural characters.


To add to my last post, having a live action crossover would be awesome too. CW puts out Supernatural and all the DC shows. Constantine would give Rowena the witch a run for her money. LOL!!


They are not DC characters but Castiel’s look was taken from Constantine purposefully


Y’all gave some nice replies. What was the thing that they did in Supernatural’s setting? And for me the guys need to meet John Constantine and Zatanna, that’s a necessity but so is Batman and Alfred. I juat can’t resist Dean and Jason meeting because of the real life history (the actor who plays Dean has voiced Red Hood before but I bet at least most of yall knew that already). Basically I didn’t see anything I disagree with.


I was just imaging Castiel and Constantine standing together and Dean walking in, checking them both over, and then saying, ”Wha…you two have the same tailor?” Then turning around and walking away.

Castiel would have his typical puzzled look on his face. And Constantine would nod and say, ”Nice threads Mate.”

LOL!! Too funny!!


:joy: @ Bamfer

They has that hilarious scooby doo episode last fall. Anything is possible…
fingers crossed

Last Wednesday’s episode was awesome! Halloween, comics, horror, all wrapped in one episode. Loved it!

It’s official. Dean Winchester is my soul mate. LOL!!!

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Not DC property, it’s WB


WB owns DC like Disney owns Marvel. Supernatural is WB. Scooby Doo is owned by WB.

So there could be a Constantine/Supernatural crossover. crosses fingers

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Supernatural is kind of creatively bankrupt as a property. There’s already a lot of characters who do the same thing, but better.