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Please add the rest of the DC Animated Movie Universe Movies like Suicide Squad Hell to Pay, Justice League Dark, Teen Titans Judas Contract and more that are not on there. Will you ever add the cw shows or do they have to end then you will add them like Constantine?


From what I understand, the CW shows are legally only able to be shown on Netflix as far as streaming services go. We’ll probably get them here in a few years.

I hope it doesn’t take that long I mean the characters are owned by DC comics, I have Netflix anyway but not everyone wants the DCU, so with it being on Netflix it does help to an extent for old fans and new ones to maybe encourage them to get this service if they are looking to find just DC related stuff but would love to have EVERYTHING PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE DC related on here.

I also think that if the DCU isn’t going to renew or reboot Swamp Thing they should partner with Netflix and let them do it since Netflix doesn’t have their own DC original show just a thought.

flashofearth, dc/warner brothers has no control of the cw shows, they are the cw shows, they have a deal with netflix.

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@foodini thanks for the info and maybe DCU could make a deal with CW and the CW renew/ reboot Swamp Thing and finish where they left off or write something completely new and introduced it into the Arrowverse and really talk a lot more about THE GREEN and saving our planet I mean I’m pretty sure Constantine kinda hinted at him Knowing a Swamp creature like thing in Dc’s Legend of Tomorrow this past season so it would be cool and maybe have guests appearances of Constantine and other members of Justice League Dark I would love that and maybe they could work something out for Netflix and DCU where they both benefit. I could only hope so!