Adam West Batman

Have you ever read a Batman story and pictured Adam West narrating it? Maybe its just me but reading the silver age/bronze age batman stuff all I can hear is Adam West’s voice reading it. Is there a comic that you read that you could picture a celebrities voice as a voice over to the comic?


I’ve definitely done this before, @BwanaBeastguy6667! It’s particularly hilarious with the more modern and dark versions of Batman, if you ask me.

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Hearing “You don’t get it son. This is an operating table and I’m the surgeon.” in Adam West’s voice is fun, alot of fun actually.


I usually try to hear Michael Ironside when I read Batman.

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My mind normally goes to Conroy (probably spelt it wrong). But probably after this I’ll be hear Adam West pop up from time to time.


Reading most comics I hear (in my life) the most prominent Kevin Conroy’s although some lines in golden age I can’t hear him saying so I here Adam West’s

As of late, I’ve been hearing Bruce Greenwood’s voice more and more when I read Batman in comics.

My favorite version of a character becomes the voice of that character when I read.

If I am unfamiliar with a character then I cast an someone that I think would be a good fit for the character. Sometimes the voice of the character changes to someone completely different as I learn more about the character.

Probably more Conroy when I read than anyone else, but it’s never really one person’s voice. I have kind of my own Batman in my head.

When I read a Golden or Silver Age Batman comic I 100% hear Adam West voice.