Action Figure photography

Hey there DC Universe. I’m getting into trying my hand at action figure photography and I was wondering if anyone else out there was doing the same? If you do what do you use for henchpeople?


Not an action figure photographer, but I AM a lover of miniatures/tabletop. I met someone once who did miniature photography that had a background in optometrical imaging!
With miniatures in mind, I wonder if HeroClix would work for your purposes? Perhaps it depends on the dimensions you’re going for, but you could also get creative with forced perspective if needed.

I’d love to see your work when you’ve had a chance to get started! Please come back and share :slight_smile:

Looks great. Wish I had the time, space and patience to do the same. Looking forward to your posts :slightly_smiling_face:

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May I ask how you design your sets/backgrounds?

I know that’s the Mattel DC Universe Signature Collection Red Hood, but what Batman figure is that? Looks like the Dick Grayson Bats.

The background is from extreme sets. The batman is a custom I commissioned to be a grayson Batman. Its the DC icons last rites batman with green lantern forearms then I mailed it off for sculpting and painting.

I thought Batman’s head looked familiar. That’s a nice custom.

Rumor has it Mattel will be doing a Dick Grayson Batman later this year.

I have heard that. Mattel has some announced and rumored figures coming this last year of their deal that I hope I can get my hands on.

Alfred is among the rumored figures too! I don’t know offhand if Mattel has done a comic based Alfred, but in any event he’s absolutely welcomed.

I could talk dc action figures ad nauseam but I figure I’ll share another picture that I previously took. Fair warning I have just the one backdrop


Ah, Mezco One:12 Collective figures. Nice photo.

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I would love to get nice pictures of my figures, but sadly I only have my phone camera and it is not great… here is a picture of my figures in ‘action’ display

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