Action Figure Inventory Question

What do you all use to keep up with your collection? I’ve been working on my Multiverse Collection, and want to work on a few more sets. But my collection has grown to the point that I’m not sure what I have and what I don’t. When I go to cons, I don’t want to buy something that I already have, and don’t want to miss something that I thought I had and didn’t.

So, I want to design a Sheets spreadsheet (that way I can always have it with me), but I’m not sure what all I need to go in it.

What do have as your column headers? Name of the figure, the set, the build a figure, wave number?

Do you have everything one 1 sheet or do you have a tab for each series (Multiverse, DC Universe, ICONS, etc)?

Do you enter the entire set on your sheet and then mark the ones you have as you get them or just enter the ones you get?

How do you keep up with the ones you need?

Any tips would be appreciated.


I don’t really have a system but my collection is small and doesn’t warrant it. As far as keeping tabs on what’s been released and what I might want to track down, there’s 2 database sites that I find really helpful:

I don’t use a spreadsheet or database of any kind. I just remember what I have, or look to my shelves if I’m unsure of whether or not I have something.

For anyone desiring the use of a spreadsheet to inventory their existing collection, I’d break it down this way:

  • Manufacturer’s name
  • Title of the line
  • Lifespan of said line
  • Number/name of each series
  • Within each series, alphabetically list each character (along with any variants one has of them, if need be)
  • Create separate categories for vehicles, playsets and miscellaneous as need be

As for current and upcoming items of interest, that should be it’s own spreadsheet and can, by and large, follow the above format, along with publicized release windows/street dates (where applicable).

I have pictures of all of mine together

I have an Action Figure Question Inventory.

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There aren’t that many figures of the characters I like, so I kinda know all the ones I have.

That’s rough especially with my collection I do have pictures and I go through old footage because I’m constantly rearranging the geek lair. With. New
lines of toys and statues constantly coming out Multiverse Mego Etc. it’s great to have pictures you set up a spreadsheet you’re going to have to carry that spreadsheet with you set up a page on social media that is strictly for your collection you always have it you get something new take a take a photo either that or keep album on your phone