Action Comics was not the first title to reach issue 1000

2000 AD has actually reached over 2000 issues, but that’s because it is a weekly comic, and a kids comic in the UK called The Beano should reach issue 4000 this year (it’s been running since 1938, and features the original Dennis the Menace, plus a bunch of 1-2 page strips). Alan Moore started off working on 2000 AD along with Brian Bolland and a lot of other well known names.


So, I love talking about comic book history and all (by the way, thanks for sharing about 2000AD. Don’t know that I’ve ever hears/read that before), but can we just stop for a moment and appreciate the fact that the price is labeled as “Earth money” on the cover? Either that’s some great attention to detail, or it’s some really weird UK standard. Whichever it is, I love it!

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Fun Fact 1: 2000AD is where Judge Dredd debuted.

Fun Fact 2: Action Comics was the first superhero comic book series to reach 1,000 issues, as was indicated in the marketing for it.

Fun Fact 3: Judge Dress had a series published by DC in the 90’s around the time the Stallone JD movie came out.


Action 1000 first Superhero comic to reach 1000 then.

Yes, Action was the first superhero comic to hit #1000. One other American comic to pass 1000 issues was Dell Four-Color, but they tended to keep the entire series under that name in the indicia regardless of what was in the issue ( one issue might be Bugs Bunny, the next might be Walt Disney Comics & Stories).

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