Action Comics 1004

I have tried to give BMB the benefit of the doubt. I have read MOS and Superman and Action. I have had problems all long the way . I was hoping he would not destroy Superman’s marriage, but he did they are separated and Lois , and Clark Superman have not been acting at all the way they are BMB has completely changed their moral compass and I just am not digging it anymore. Barring Lois being possessed by the Red Mist I am giving up on Action on Superman and Action comics it should I put it like BMB I am taking a break from these comics till things get straightened out or there is a new writer it is sad I don’t even have the option because he is writting both titles. End of rant


That sentence starting about Lois is a tad confused. Accidental misspellings? I’m curious for your side on this. I was thinking about reading Action post 1001 but wasn’t feeling it. The core Superman book has grown on me admittedly but currently Supergirl has been vastly superior.

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Yeah this issue made me drop the current run. Really made both Lois and Clark into unlikable idiots. Probably going to screw up Jon next.


They didn’t break up.