Action Comics #1 3D Homage

Hi everyone,

I’ve been really enjoying the DC Universe app and wanted to share a pice of art I created a few months back. This was done in a 3D animation/art program called Daz Studio!

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Well, I would if I could figure out how to post an image…


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@jonnylost You upload it online and add the URL to the “add image” section when making a post. It’s a bit annoying, but I think they’re adding the ability to directly upload images this summer.

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Go to

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Let’s try this again! Lol

3rd times a charm…

Upload your image to postimage or whatever service you prefer to use.
There should be a set of links given once it uploads.
Select the ‘Direct Link’ and copy it.

Post a message or reply and to the right of the text box that you type into, you will see a gray circle with what looks like a portrait icon.
Click on that.
A pop-up will pop up.
Paste the link and click submit.
It will then give a second pop-up that will show a partial preview and you then click upload.

Then you will see a thumbnail of the image to the right of your text box.
When you post your comment, it will attach the image to your post.

Also, if you can’t find the ‘Direct Link’ to your image, and you have it online somewhere, you can right click the image in a browser and select ‘Copy Image Location’ to get a Direct Link, also.

Can’t wait for Community 2.0…
My use of also twice in the last sentence disturbs my ocd, especially since I can’t edit it. OMG… I think I may explode.