Achievements and Trophies Question!

I’ve been revisiting a few of my old xbox 360 games lately and checked out the achievement lists only to find that I will never be able to truly 100% a few of the games due to the fact that there are online based achievements and the servers have been shut down for quite some time. So that made me think of this question…

If a game has online based achievements that aren’t acquirable, if you snag every other achievement…do you consider the game 100%? Or is it marked as a lost cause?

  • I consider it a 100%
  • It’s a Lost Cause.

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While I am bummed that it’s a lost cause, i also feel pretty accomplished that i got everything except the online achievements. Trust me if you focus too hard, you’ll lose your mind. I had an obsession with trying to get every achievement at one point and not taking the time to enjoy the game.

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Multiplayer achievements are such bad ideas for this very reason. Since you technically can’t Platinum or get a complete Gamerscore in these games after a server shutdown, I voted “It’s a Lost Cause.”