Access to MyDC account management

Hi - I was able to access the MyDC area to change my display name, but now I can’t seem to access it at all to get to the control to change my avatar.

Am I missing something? It used to appear under the avatar, but now I can’t see it at all.

Accessing via Google Chrome.


Hey JimboFett!

Are you trying to access your MyDC page from the DCU Infinite site or the Community site? As far as I know, it’s been moved over to Please try accessing it there and then, if it still doesn’t work, let us know and we’ll figure something out for you :slight_smile:


sometimes it takes a few times to update the avatar

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Thank you, yes - the DC Comics page for the MyDC section is there and allows me to update the avatar graphic, but that hasn’t translated over to the community yet.

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I know. That’s what happens to me too. Sometimes (most of the time actually) you have to do it like 30 minutes after you changed it. I don’t know why.

I think that was a bit confusing so im gonna restate it here:

After changing your avatar to what you want it to be, you should “edit” your avatar and put the same photo in about 30 mins later (maybe an hour)

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Hi @JimboFett!

Once you have successfully changed your avatar in the MyDC tab on DC Universe Infinite, log out and then back in. This will trigger the system to update your avatar in the Community!

Hope this little tip helps you!

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