Access to DC Fan Dome materials

Curious, do DC Universe members have access to all of the DC Fandom videos (ie interviews, shorts, trailers, discussions, etc.), because they were quite a few of them?

We all have the same amount of access to them as everyone else. It’ll be available at for 24 hours, between 10:00 AM Central tomorrow and 10:00 AM Central on Sunday.

But what if I say “Please, with sugar on top?” …never mind. Thanks for the reply.

At least with Part 1 of Fandome there’s reuploads of the full event on Youtube. Search up “dc fandome live stream” and there should be several along with ones of people reacting/commentating the full event.

For this week’s i’m not sure how much that’ll be archived considering the amount of content. The smaller ones I could see not getting recorded/reuploaded. Just gotta’ catch what you can :3