:superman: :batman: Absolute Power from an Absolute Artist :batman: :superman:

Happy November, @ModernAgeSupermanClub! :partying_face: I hope you’re getting your forthcoming Thanksgiving plans and celebrations ready, and that all is :superman:uper in your ecosphere.

Speaking of celebrations, we’ll be celebrating the work of famed artist Carlos Pacheco as it appeared in the pages of Superman/Batman.

Mr. Pacheco passed away on November 9th, and while he contributed to many powerhouse franchises and titles from DC and beyond, one of my favorite series to bear his name was Superman/Batman.

With that in mind, let us tip our hats in respect to Mr. Pacheco as we read his and writer Jeph Loeb’s five-part adventure from Superman/Batman, Absolute Power:

Chit-chat about the Absolute Power arc as you like. Have you read it before? Is it new to you? Where do you rank it within the hierarchy of Superman/Batman? Is it among your favorite DC works of Carlos Pacheco?

Whatever your thoughts are, I hope you enjoy Absolute Power (just don’t let it corrupt you, absolutely :wink:), :superman:uper-fans! :superman_hv_4:


Two greatest superheroes ever in the DC.Batman and Superman were my first comic and reading them really helped me when I needed an escape from hard times.Stay awesome DC.

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