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I’m assuming I am in the DC Universe Infinite as this category has appeared. Will there be a DCUI FAQ thread? Anyone else not seeing the new comics?

Everything looks the same in the app and browser. I logged out and logged back in and rebooted my iPad. I checked the App Store for updates or a new DCUI app and saw neither. Any hints would be appreciated.


Hey Travis! DCUI hadn’t quite launched when you made this comment. If you try now, you should see the brand new style for the site and everything that comes with it! :slight_smile:


Thank you. I’m in. I need to check my settings to see if there’s a dark mode. :joy:

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Mines just more of a statement. Idk if it’s just me? But, ever since they did the new updates. One of them was when u post a picture, it now fits into the square, when b4 it would get cut off. Ever since than the pics fit which is great. But all the pics I’ve posted since not only shrink when u post em’, the art also looks way worse than b4 I posted it. So for categories like Out of Context Chaos, you can’t read the words. For ones that are image based. I filter them like crazy til they look perfect than post em & they come out the other side looking awful. Plus, all previous posts of pics the quality went way down. So even if I zoom in as far as I can. Some posts still come out with words to tiny to read, & everyone of the pics I post, look awful after I post em’. They look amazing pre-post on my iPad. Than, I post em & some other creature comes out…??..? I’d much rather have a few words cut-off than have all the art I’ve ever posted, or ever will post, look awful…? Which it really does. I noticed it on old posts of mine 1st instantly. Than I posted something, & I could tell right away it’d been changed, & looks awful on art ones, & can’t read the word related ones. I’ve zoomed in as much as possible since it changed & it’s such a pain. Can’t we just go back to great art & 1 out of every 50 posts that’s word related possibly having a letter or 2 cut off on the panel?

not to mention the notch on some iPhones completely blocking the top sentences of dialogue like…how is the app so janky idgi