About The DC Community Guidelines

Welcome to the DC Community! We’re so glad you’re here!

As a DC fan, you have joined a very special community of users who share your love of the worlds, characters, and stories of DC. This is a place to be creative, express your passion, and connect with other fans.

As a member of our community, you’ll also have access to the latest DC news, giveaways, great deals, and discussions you can’t find anywhere else!

In order to ensure that our community is enjoyable, constructive, positive, and safe for all, we require that members keep in mind and abide by our Code of Conduct.

Welcome to the DC Community, we’re so glad you’re here!



The DC Universe moderators (aka The Alpha Lanterns) work 7 days a week to keep an eye on the forums and review flagged posts.

We rely on heroes like you to maintain the peace and keep Darkseid’s minions at bay. Please do not engage with any bad behavior you see on our forums. Instead, flag the post for our moderators’ attention and we’ll review it as soon as possible.


All members are expected to adhere to the letter and spirit of our code of conduct. Our moderators are responsible for interpreting all rules and determining the appropriate way to address specific violations.

Violations may result in actions such deleting or modifying content, locking threads, temporary account suspension, or permanent banishment to the Phantom Zone.

In some cases we may issue a written warning before suspending an account. Serious violations, such as harassment or hate speech, as well as posting spam, may result in an immediate ban.


We love it when fans share their creative visions of the DC Universe with our community.

If you share your original content (“User Content”), such as original artwork, within the community, you agree to the submission guidelines and DC Universe’s use of User Content as provided our Terms of Use.


Our forums are a place for DC fans to connect with other DC fans. It’s not the best place to get help using DC Universe.

If you need help with your DC Universe account, please visit our our Help Center instead. There you’ll be able to review FAQs and contact our support team if needed.


Just like the DC Universe, the DCU Community is an ever-expanding, ever-evolving realm for DC fans to enjoy and explore. You help us co-create this fan utopia with every contribution, and we’d love to hear your feedback ideas about how we can make things better.

If you have suggestions, send them our way. Please keep in mind that we retain full ownership all past, current, and future iterations of the platform, and that the new features we implement are often inspired by shared ideas and concepts. We are not obligated to compensate or credit individuals who submit ideas that are later implemented. If you want to maintain personal control or ownership of your ideas, we ask that you don’t share them with us or the rest of the community.

Thanks for being a part of the DC Universe Community!


With all due respect (and with no intention of mocking or evading the rules), this is a nightmare to read. Can you please reformat it with paragraph breaks?


Can we get a list of the words we can’t say? Like im down with no Fs and no Ss and no Cs and no SoB and zero tolerence for the racist crap. But what about mild stuff? Just looking for a guideline in all seriousness, not a george carlin sketch

looks like the next item on the list is how to pin or sticky threads, b/c this one needs it.

@markhb weird, it’s fully fomatted w/ para breaks and the numbered list on my pc and on mobile.


Wow, I’m surprised that this wasn’t hear sooner, but good on ya for posting it.

@HanSolo – I’m sure that a mod will be more specific, but my guess would be if it can be said on network TV, it will probably work here.


@markhb, alas! The formatting nightmare must be platform-based. Looks good on PC. Here’s a link, it may read better:


Yeah i figured but, i know i said Idris Elba kicks @$$ somewhere so im just seeing if i get scolded. I mean im an adult so i do kinda know how to act civil in a public forum lol.

@HanSolo, we respectfully ask you use your best PG-13 judgement.

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I can do that. Thanks my man, Applejack. So one F word and a tasteful butt shot or side boob… Just kidding seriously


@Applejack: the link to the support site worked fine. For here, I’m viewing in Firefox where I saw the word salad initially, but after I disabled my ad blocker it worked. Strange that it picked up your CSS as an ad but it’s fine now (and I don’t think I’ll see ads here so it’s all cool :slight_smile: . Thanks for the prompt response!

Thanks for the guidelines and thanks Applejack for posting a readable version. Appears the forum is having some issues right now making these posts readable.


@applejack: I do have a quick question regarding account suspensions and perma-bans. Just for clarification if someone is banned from the forum would they still retain access to the rest of the site? I’m not sure how connected the forum is to everything else but since there isn’t a separate login for the forum specifically that made me wonder.


@applejack: How do we become moderators?


How can you get flagged or notified of this if there’s no PM inbox?


Soooo I was right to put a warning on my F*#@ One Marry One Kill One post??:sweat_smile:
The game was in Step Brothers and that’s rated R so I feel like it got flagged


I was looking for that to see what had come after my post. Was it removed?

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Coo icon

I was already trolled & had to flag 2 people already. DC Universe has yet to do anything regarding my flag of people not really saying nice things

Think its mad odd only questions people already from DC Universe ask gets answered by tons of people