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So I know that yesterday I wrote a thing about my disliking of Ric Grayson. But I wrote this as a response to someone else’s post about Ric and wanted to post it as it’s own thing to reach a wider audience. I expanded upon it as well so without further ado here you go.

It seemed like Benjamin Percy was really building up to something great with what he was doing and they just kicked him off the book to this garbage. It’s no secret that certain people in charge of this company have a strong disdain for Nightwing, they’ve been trying to kill him since Infinite Crisis. Lucky Superboy took the bullet on that one and I’m sure that had Grant Morrison not made Dick Batman the powers at be would have tried at lot sooner to do it again. Instead they waited untill Forever Evil to try again. Anyway bottom line is that the people in charge don’t like Dick Grayson or characters similar to him. It’s probably why they let King kill both Roy and Wally in Heroes in Crisis. You know Wally West, the beloved character who’s return ushered in the Rebirth era and was supposed to be the key to all this. That’s three out of the five original Teen Titans dead and don’t you tell me that Dick’s not dead. From what I gather all Ric has really done is whine and complain that he’s not Dick Grayson and people should stop comparing him to Dick. So if Ric doesn’t want to be Dick I’m not going to call him Dick or act like he is. He’s just some jerk who took over his body after he was shot by KGBeast. Also it should say a lot about those in charge and how much they care that Nightwing wasn’t even shot in his own book. That’s because it wasn’t the Nightwing writers idea it was Tom King’s idea. Like I said it looked like Benjamin Percy was building up to something but instead he had the rug pulled out from under him. You don’t believe me, go read the seven issues of his run and tell me that issue 49 doesn’t seem like a quick wrap-up. The story doesn’t end in a satisfying way. We don’t even see Nightwing defeat Wyrm or save Viki Vale and that other guy whose name escapes me at the moment. No we’re just told on the last page that the threat is over and the people are saved. Heck King probably just wanted to kill Dick but DC knew after the wedding fiasco and what he was doing with Heroes in Crisis that most of the fanbase wasn’t going to be happy with him so they just compromised and gave Dick amnesia. It’s just another in the long line of mistreatment many members of the Titans have had for almost two decades. I mean isn’t weird that out of the thirteen characters kill in Heroes in Crisis nine where at one point members of the Titans. Isn’t it also weird that four out the five original Titans all had children only for them to be killed in some horrible accident or through in the Speed Force (which is basically death anyway).


I know Ric is a temporary situation but it’s part of a larger problem.

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Ric Grayson is DC showing they have no plan Dick Grayson in Rebirth. There is an aversion to legacy I mean look at heroes in crisis for


I agree. Dick Grayson is one of the heroes that is the most important to the community. They should honor that.


I had been thinking about getting the Nightwing Rebirth trades and now that I find out about this Ric nonsense I’m not sure I want to spend one cent on it. This is the kind of stuff that makes me not want to read newer comics. And the sad thing is this will more than likely end up in one of those You Tube videos like 10 things DC wants you to forget about Nightwing when all is said and done.


Ric didn’t come in until a while after Rebirth. I read the first four volumes, and wasn’t terribly impressed but they definitely weren’t bad. I found the villains (and the supporting cast, to a lesser extent) a little obnoxious, but if all you’re interested in is Nightwing being Nightwing and doing his thing, they’re reasonably good. A little hard to follow if you’re like me and haven’t read Grayson, though.

Still glad I got out before Ric.

I meant Rebirth as in the current DC or Rebirth in till now. By the way is DC calling current canon anything? Also outside of a few comics leading up to Rebirth I didn’t buy any New 52 comics in till I started finding N52 hardcover for $5 or less bran new at a local outlet store because I wasn’t a fan of what they were doing. The few N52 comics I bought where Superman, Action Comics and Superman/Wonder Woman because I was going to follow SM till the end of N52 because I either read that they connected or I just thought I’ll follow SM/AC to get back into the groove of buying monthly comics before Rebirth. I only got one issue of SM/WW because it tied into a story in SM and AC if I remember correctly. At the end of the day I still look at it as do I want to waste money on something that in my opinion turns to crap.

I forgot to mention my plan of buying the end of New 52 through the start of Rebirth didn’t happen because the Barnes and Noble I shop at got issue 50 of N52 Superman and the next new issue they got was SM Rebirth #1.

Never wanted to like a post more in my life! I’m an avid reader and massive Dick Grayson and Wally West fan. I’m honestly so just pissed and furious at what king is doing and has done to my two all time favorite characters and all because he doesn’t like them for some idiotic reason is absolutely ridiculous and Linda childish. I’ve stopped buying and reading Nightwing not long after the whole Ric shit, cause honestly it’s disrespectful to the character and his fans and DG as Night long has meant a lot to me growing up. The only reason I’m still reading Hero’s in Crisis is because I’m praying to God Wally is alive by the end of it and not the killer because if he is I’m so done with DC!


I agree, I just skimmed over those comics. The one good thing about them is the art. :fire: