About Gotham Knights

How do you feel about it, do you think it will succeed, or do you think it’s just an RPG just a different brand, would love to hear what you guys and gals have to say about, so far I think it’s ok.


I wouldn’t want to make any productions. But I will say this, I HOPE it succeeds and I’m pretty excited about it myself!


I’m excited about it, I really enjoyed the Arkham games so I have high hopes for this one. A bit worried about how the RPG element will affect the game but the roster looks great, combat seems fluid, and it has an option for co-op!

I’m STOKED for this game! I’m more than looking forward to it. I don’t see how this game can not succeed.

I’ve personally like all the Arkham games. Keep the same gameplay/style I think it’ll be good.

I’m excited. The new style looks nice. Something new. And to play as red hood. Just sounds great. And not be infringed tide to the Arkham games give more freedom to have a lot of great Bat stuff in it.

I’m excited for it