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I just had to make this thread real quick, but does anyone else have a problem with the run-time of the show sometimes? I love watching it everyday, but it seems like the length of the episodes tends to be erratic. One day, it’ll be 30 minutes, then the next is 18 minutes.

Kevin Konroy and Andrea Romano were on the last episode which was only 18 minutes. Before anyone knew it, it was time for everyone to go. Even Konroy was like how him and Romano had just gotten there, etc. Why only 18 minutes with such legendary players that helped pioneer the DC animated universe? It doesn’t make sense. Ten more minutes could’ve been added with them for a couple more questions if Hector didn’t have anymore news to share in the world of DC.


DC Daily always has variable run time.
Some could be cost or contract. Some could be DC dipping their toe in to the water to gauge audience response/interest. They’ve been bring on more show talent lately, April and Susan as well within the last two weeks.

Like many things DC Daily, they are still funding their “sea legs”. They only recently started Amy leading the couch (and she’s f-in great at it).

DC Daily is evolving and growing up. Hopefully getting actors/directors from stuff back on the show will be a direction they follow.


DC need Podcasts

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I also agree that Amy is great as the host and wish that they varied a bit more on that, too. Why not put Whitney Moore as the host for an ep., y’know? Also, and this is something I should’ve asked in my first post, but does anyone know what happened to Tiffany Smith? Forgive me for saying this, but it just seems like she was given the boot in favor of Clarke Wolfe. Wolfe is great, but where’s the person that was there day one? Does anyone know if she left of her own accord?

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Last I read, she had an assignment.

I miss Tiffany tbh

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She left to do a life time movie, doesn’t look like she’s coming back. Too bad, I liked her starting off the show with the news.


Maybe instead of the show being daily, how 'bout having it once a week for an hour? Alot of stuff could be covered in 60 minutes. I don’t know. Like I said, I love watching it everyday, but I know things could be even better.
I also feel as though more talk should go to the current issues instead of the past stuff that everyone’s more or less read already.
Forgive me, as I know I’m being picky, it’s just that I really, really love this stuff.


They could make it like CNN or Fox, where the focus is on news. Obviously, the political aspects would be removed, but still news.

I like the varied content and the daily approach. I think covering new issues along with classic runs and first appearances is fun and interesting. Some of the cast add a context to the time the comic was written and how the industry was impacted. I did like the older structure of the show, where the news was announced, but I wouldn’t want to cut book club or the show/movie discussions. The quest appearances/interviews by various artists are also great.

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@BrightKnight I thought I remembered reading somewhere on here, don’t remember where, that she was still set to come back. But I also agree that I know the movie is done filming so unless she is filming something else it does seem like she might have moved on. Also notice Brian Tong, Harley Quinn Smith and John Barrowman when they were gone the DC Daily cast did occasionally mention them, I can’t remember the last time I heard anyone drop Tiffany Smith’s name (although I have not seen every episode), so it is looking more and more like she might have gone on to bigger things.

@dan, I did a bit of checking and her lifetime movie actually airs tomorrow (Memorial Day). It seems she’s been doing promotional appearances for the movie, so maybe now that that’s all done she might come back.

I really hope she does come back. She has a very, very special enthusiasm for everything DC and it’s just a delight to watch her when she was on screen.

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