abfg new 52

Why the hate? Batman, Teen Titans, Wonder Woman, Justice League, Dark, Grayson, all of them. They were so well told ans more importantly…drawn…

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Not to anyone in particular. Its just a good topic. Lol

There were a lot of problems and unnecessary changes in the New 52 (Mr. Freeze’s origin, for example, was horrible in N52). Characters didn’t act the way fans wanted them to. That said, Batman and Justice League were fantastic, and I enjoyed Grayson a lot.

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New 52 was a weird mix of fixing some absolutely disastrous messes, while doing a bunch of unnecessary stuff as well. I haven’t bought/read all of them by any stretch of the imagination, but New 52 Supergirl, Batman, and Wonder Woman are really cool.

It sort of strikes me like Crisis on Infinite Earths -> Infinite Crisis, in terms of the Power Girl story, where she’s retconned to being Atlantean, and then re-retconned to Kyptonian. The whole thing is just baffling and pointless. Fix what is broken, but don’t make seemingly arbitrary changes.

Honestly, I don’t like the continual re-boot cycle that seems to have developed. I’d much rather see new villains and new storylines, than an every-few-year reboot-and-retell.

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I agree with both of you. I loved/hated so much. But yes, Batman, Wonder Woman, and other titles were great in the New 52…

I don’t like the every couple year reboot either. I dont think anyone does, but we gotta deal.

Part of my issue with the New 52 is that I believe the costumes were better before. If you play Injustice, the Green Lantern original skin is far more detailed and realistic than the New 52 which looks like a cartoon.

I have read some comics within the era, but I never get too far because of the diction used in the comics.

I’ll admit that there are great covers, like Black Manta’s appearances and Ocean Master’s, but my favorite comics hail from Pre-crisis because the diction level is more sophisticated, the stories created all comics that we read today, and I believe the humor was better.

Well said . What about others though. Have you read Grayson, or the new 52 Wonder Woman? Teen Titans? Batman is really good too.

I read every New 52 comic (ongoing, mini, one-shots, all of it) and I guess I’m just easy to please because there wasn’t anything that made me say “What were they thinking?” or that greatly displeased me.

I was always interested to see where something new (be it brand new or a new iteration on something established) would go and hoped for the best. There were some stumbles here and there but the strong outweighed the weak by a very, very hefty margin in my experience. I look back on The New 52 quite favorably.

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I loved the New 52… not so much with Rebirth

Still kinda grinding through

Oh really, why is that?

#Vroom knows whats up.

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Just gotta finish the Red Hood Outlaws

Only halfway in.

I adore Rebirth. Easily my favorite era of modern DC and possibly my favorite ever. Why don’t you like it?

The art. Sometimes I see a picture and I just say no. Thats on me though…I hated the purple. I was okay with batgirl though. Idk.

Ah. Well, everyone’s tastes vary. What have you read of Rebirth so far?

How can you love rebirth after the new52?

Its ok. Everyone has their faves