Abby VS Abby Vs Abby Vs Cable

Swamp Thing has seen a surprising amount of live action iterations compared to most comic book characters.

Each version has a female lead, and all of them do pretty decent work.

Adrianne Barbeau plays Alice Cable. She does good work here. (Swamp Thing - 1982)

Heather Locklear plays Abby Arcane - The blond fantasy of many teenage boys (and girls, to be honest, and fully adult men and women reacting to her like teenagers) We’re probably never gonna know if she was ever more than a passable actor, but she’s likeable here. (The Return of Swamp Thing - 1989)

Kari Wuhrer as Abigail - A much more gifted actor than she usually gets the chance to prove, her 9 episodes of the USA network TV show were a cut above the TV and film adaptions at the time-- including the sixty or so episodes that followed-- and she’s one of the reasons why. (Swamp Thing - The Series - 1991)

Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane - The first woman to be hired as an actor and not just sit still and look pretty-- she proves in the pilot it’s possible to be a gifted actor and look pretty. (Swamp Thing - The Series -2019)

So who’s your favorite? (And there are no wrong answers-- even a simple “Yes, all of the above” is highly acceptable. )


Although I am tempted by that notion of “Yes,” especially given my qualifiers above-- my loyalty remains with Kari Wuhrer. But highly honorable mention goes to Crystal Reed. I really liked her work in Gotham, and have no doubt she will continue to impress in all sorts of ways, here.

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Admittedly I have yet to view the DCU version, but I’ll predict that Crystal Reed will get my vote. She was nothing but awesome in Gotham. I really hoped to see more of her before it ended.

Otherwise, Adrienne Barbeau has always been my favorite :slightly_smiling_face:

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Crystal rocked on Gotham and shows no sign of let up in Swamp Thing

Ahhhh, Kari Wuhrer. It’s clearly a day of revisiting 90s crushes, isn’t it @Misfit.


It’s a fair cop this time, guvnor.

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My teenage self says Heather Locklear, because she was honestly why I occasionally watched Melrose Place when it was new.

My self that appreciates good acting says Crystal Reed. I like women named Crystal and she’s done well in her one episode so far.

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I watched the first episode last night and, as predicted, I really like Crystal Reed. She just brings more depth to these characters and clearly has a versatile skill set. So far so good! :+1:t4: