A Tribute To The Penguin

If anyone knows me, knows I’m a huge fan of The Penguin. I feel like he’s not a major villiain today like he was years ago. As a kid growing up, I would enjoy watching reruns of Adam West Batman, Burgess Meredith does a fantastic job playing the character. There’s alot of great Penguin episodes where he run for mayor, trys to marry Barbara Gordon and the 3 part episodes where he’s making a movie.
Many years later Danny Devito play the Penguin. I’ll be honest, I did not like this Penguin when it first came out. As years go by, Penguin that Devito played really grew on me, and started really like the character alot.
In Batman the Animated Series, Paul Williams Does a great job playing The Penguin. I’m probley the only person that like ‘I’ve got Batman in my basement.’ At least Penguin has alot of other great episodes.
Penguin in The Batman who is play by Tom Kenny is by far my favorite actor to play him. I like how the series has Penguin in alot of episodes, hope someday DC Universe will have the series on here.
I don’t have time to pinpoint the other TV series. I find it sad that Penguin hasn’t been seen on a big screen. I was hoping he would be in The Dark Knight series, but he never was used. Rumor has it that he’ll be seen in a next Stand alone Batman film, here’s hoping.
I probely not going to get a like on here, and that’s ok. I just wanted to show my support to the character and hope someday DC Universe will add him to their encyclopedia. :slight_smile: Maybe Penguin should have his own movie since the Joker is having his own movie next year!


Yeah Penguin is great and I actually like him more than Joker. There’s a couple of people that I wish were Batman’s main archnemesis than Joker and that includes Oswald


You know you’re a cool villain when Christopher Walken hangs out with you (even if he’s only doing it because Oswald blackmailed him).

My favorite iteration of Penguin is a toss up between Burgess Meredith and Paul Williams. I also really like the comic version where he wore purple pants and a blue jacket with a blue top hat. Snappy!


Burgess Meredith was genius as Penguin. To me, everybody else who played the role was either trying to copy him or was just living in his shadow.


When I saw Batman Returns, the day it came out, I was in awe and thought Penguin was the best movie villain besides Darth Vader.

The next day, I got my first comic books and was shocked how different the Tim Burton films were and especially Returns. But still preferred Danny Devito’s he was amazing.

A couple of years later, I realized that he gave an amazing performance but the characterization was pretty shitty and not just because it’s different from the comics but in general and same with Catwoman.

Soon after Returns and reading my first comics, I saw re-runs of the 1960’s show along with the movie and then saw Penguin on the aninated series. With all of that and new comics…I slowly starting becoming a big fan of the real Penguin or well the source material.


I love Pengy. That I’ve got Batman in my basement episode is one of my favorites too. It’s like a home alone vs Penguin show. Where the children just starting a detective agency for the neighborhood ( which I did multiple times as a kid imitating Encyclopedia Brown) defeat Pengy & his thugs home alone style. The only part that bugged me, in the style that when watching a horror movie someone might scream at the tv Don’t go in there! Was that after doing a great job detecting. The det. kids couldn’t figure out what Batman meant when mumbling “capsule,visor”. I was yelling how don’t u know he’s saying get the capsule from the visor in the Batmobile. Considering they drove it with Batsy in it to their home & hid it under a tarp. I’m with u tho I own that exact Penguin from that episode.