A Thought Experiment Is Superman and the Justice League indirectly responsible for Alfred's death in Batman Vol. 3 number 77?

This is a thought experiment.
Superman can hear bruce’s heartbeat from the fortress of solitude, can see things on the other side of the earth with his x-ray vision, could find Alfred with ease, and direct a rescue op using the flash to get him out. yet he does nothing well batman is being tortured for weeks with fear gas in Arkham, does not even seem to notice Bruce’s fight after his escape from Arkham. does not hear his best friend’s spine break for the second time in his life, he does nothing, bruce a few weeks later gets his throat slit, left stripped bare in the snow and is dying, superman does nothing. the League knows Alfred is in the hands of a madman they chose not to mount a rescue mission to save the ‘Father’ of a man who has personally saved their lives at least once well asking for nothing in return and leave him in the hands of a madman. and they let the son of the man go begin a rescue mission. only one man is willing to risk prison to try to save batmans city and its not Superman.

The League has enough heavy hitters that they could have distracted Gotham girl and with the flash or superman or supergirls speed, they could have easily rescued Alfred, instead of to they leave him in the hands of two madmen.

Yet had it been Metropolis, Central City or Amnesty Bay that was in a similar predicament batman would have been the first to risk his freedom and his life to get the loved ones of the local hero out of harm’s way. If batman had to make the choice of at the end if he would die but they would live free from the madman, Batman would not even hesitate to make the choice, he would go down smiling as say Lois and Jon got out safe, using kryptonite to prevent Jon form trying to help. heck in batman vs superman dawn of justice.

Yet the league with all their superpowers, venerable gods among men, did not show the same courage the mear mortal would and did not get Alfred out of harm’s way.
yet in Aquaman number65, Batman and the entire league shows up to help Aquaman when he puts out the call for help, despite the fact that Mera is in the same danger Alfred was in.

So was Superman and the rest of the Justice League when Batman really needed him the most? As Bruce was shocked by the fact that Alfred was dead when all was said and done, and I think that shock was well deserved as Alfred never should have been left in Gotham in the first place.

So are Superman and the Justice League indirectly responsible for Alfred’s death?

I would not have written this if i did not think it so but what does everyone else think?

The actual reason is- you couldn’t tell any Batman stories if anytime he or the city was in danger, Superman swooped in to save the day.

In story- they were off planet, or dealing with problems of their own, or likely have been asked by Batman to let him deal with Gotham no matter what.

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true for the actual reason not for the story reason as you explain it as batman calls in the league to help him deal with Gotham(superhero) so the let him deal with Gotham no matter what argument does not quite work in the presented context.

In that instance, Batman called them first.

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true then again there’s the double date issue of batman rebirth I want to say number 36 and 37 but do not feel like looking it up. also, the flash has gone to Gotham to discuss forensics with Bats. superman has gone to Gotham for conventions, (convergence) black canary one and 2 lived in Gotham, Ted Grant lives in Gotham too so does jason blood alan Scott and one of the spectors hosts…I did just look these up but still did not know Allen Scott and one of the spectors hosts lived in gotham.

PS: i may be way overthinking this but i have a habit of doing that.

the truth is… Dan Didio is the responsible for Alfred’s death and no one else.


actually, late golden age alfried had been killed in the past after the book corruption of the innocent came out so it was not an original idea.