A sneak peek at some upcoming news articles

Hello everyone! I hope the quarantine is treating you all well. I’ve been in touch with our editorial team about the best ways to put out content for the next month, and they suggested I give you guys a taste. Here’s a little preview of what you can expect from the DCUniverse news page for the next few weeks…

10 Things We Want to See in Swamp Thing Season 2

This one will get the fans talking!

Ranking all the Sneezing on DC DAILY

The type of high quality content our readers expect.

Maybe the Snyder Cut was the Friends we Made Along the Way

Worthy of a Pulitzer

10 Reasons I’m Convinced Alex Jaffe was Secretly Replaced by an Android

I mean, isn’t it obvious?

All the Easter Eggs in Trump’s Latest COVID-19 Briefing

I wasn’t expecting him to make a Johnny Thunder reference…wow!

Elephant in the Room: Dick Grayson has been Letting Himself Go

We need to start a dialogue about this. The time for ignoring the problem is done.

How the HARLEY QUINN Season 2 Teaser Secretly Proves that Rey’s Parents were Kenobi’s and not Palpatine’s

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it.

Kite-Man Probably Started COVID-19, and it’s His Fault we Can’t go to Restaurants

I can’t hold my tongue on this any longer.

Green Lantern Could Use His Ring to Make a Waterbed, but He Never Does. What’s the Point of all this then??

Headline could be shorter, but a topic that fandom is passionate about.

We Rank (Almost) Every Bruce Wayne Sweater-Vest

A sequel to the Batsuits article.

Shouldn’t Larry Trainor be a Woman if his Name is Negative Man?

Boneheaded move DC. I hope someone got fired for that.

Needless to say…

(this started off as an email joke, but the editorial team encouraged me to post it here)


I’m not going to lie. You had me in the first two before I realized today it April Fools.
Some great title.

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