A Simple Wish for Statues/Busts

I don’t know how many people have ever collected comic busts and statues, but for a few years, I was really into collecting them from Bowen Designs. Randy Bowen’s sculpting and his ability to reproduce comic heroes from the silver and bronze age was absolutely amazing.

My wish, is that Bowen would come back and produce his own line of DC busts and statues. If he could get a run similar to what he had with his Marvel license, I for one would be a very happy camper.

Anyone else in the same boat as me as far as wanting a Bowen Designs DC line of statues and busts?


I just recently started collecting statues these past two years. My favorite brands are diamond select, eaglemoss, dc collectibles, artfx and prime 1 studios.

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You missed out on the Bowen stuff. Randy pretty much started the whole statue market. They were insanely beautiful. Sadly, he and his wife divorced, forcing him to close up shop. I hear rumblings that he is going to be back at it soon though. My wish is with DC and not Marvel stuff.

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