a quick review of dial h for hero number two

Yes I know this was aimed at younger kids I have been huge Dial H for hero fan since the Robi Reed series and one coming to make him up this and there are no spoilers after two episodes issues I mean this sucks will not be pick up issue 3

Have not had a chance to read the first issue yet (got distracted by SOMEONE dropping over 20,000 comics on their app) but I am also a Dial H For Hero fan from way back, although got my introduction with Chris King and Vicki Grant. Sorry to hear you haven’t enjoyed the current series, hopefully I will get more out of it.

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I’m not reading the current Dial H series, but regarding the property in general the New 52 Dial H was a unique read.


All the DC Blue Ribbon Digest issues and the Best of DC Digest issues.
They were the best introductions to comics because DC would pick stories that could stand on their own.

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I haven’t read the series, yet, but I have heard some good things about it.
I may check it out when it comes to DC Universe next year.