A question about viewing the Watchmen movie for the first time

I just read the Watchmen comic for the first time this summer and really liked it. I want to watch the movie with a friend, but I’d prefer to skip the sex or nudity-heavy scenes, provided they don’t contain relevant plot points that are hard to explain. (My friend has never read the comic, so I don’t want him to miss important details unless I can easily summarize them.)

That being said, I have two questions:

  1. Which scenes do you think I can skip without missing anything important?
  2. If a scene is important but also graphic, is the dialogue more important than what’s happening onscreen? (If so, I can just black out the screen.)

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

I think the best way I can say it is that the Watchmen movie is basically the comic page for page and word for word. Hollywood called this comic unadaptable in the past. Only Zack Snyder was brave/crazy enough to do it. Some might say he played it safe, but he succeeded in bringing the entirey of Watchmen to life, albeit in 3 hour long compressed version. So basically everything you saw in the comic, you’ll see in the movie, nothing new or added.

Nothing in the movie is gratuitous or without a relevant reason to be there. That being said, if you want to skip those scenes with real humans… stick to reading the trade.