A personal thank you to the folks running DC Universe

So I’ve been musing over how to write this post for a while, and now is as good a time as any to share what DC Universe has meant to me since I joined the service at its beginning.

Quick side note: this is a personal post that is not intended to start anything, but if you read this and are compelled to share something I won’t stop you.

I have a friend whom I have known for about two years now and we talk and bond over various nerdy stuff. I like history, mythology, and DC comics while she likes Neil Gaiman, magic and occult stuff, and the MCU version of Loki. However, thanks to the DC Universe I’ve been able to show her some new shows and characters that she now adores.

Specifically she loves Constantine (she even said it was better than Supernatural and loves Matt Ryan), the Doom Patrol show, and the Harley Quinn cartoon. If it wasn’t for this site’s ability and willingness to experiment with new ideas, more esoteric characters and teams, and give older shows a second life my friend would have never found these amazing shows and I would have a lot less to talk about.

So to cut a long story short: thank you DC Universe. The fact that all my childhood cartoons and many of my favorite movies are all in once place is great, but the fact that everyone has worked hard to make this site a safe place for watching, socializing, and allowing for more experimental shows and ideas to shine has made my life better and gives me tremendous hope for the future.

You guys are wonderful and I hope the powers that be recognize what they have here and allow it to thrive.