A New Superhero Universe Begins Tomorrow! Humanoids H1

Hey everyone! Tomorrow, Humoids comics is debuting a new Superhero Universe focused on the consequences of actions and a grounded reality.

The world: Climate Change, School Shootings, Wars in the Middle East, etc. The world is not in a great place. Whether you believe in climate change or not, something is happening to this world. In H1’s universe, the world is responding by “igniting” people who experience trauma.

The universe starts with a monthly series called The Ignited.

After a school shooting, students try to readjust to school for the start of the new school year. That’s the basic idea. It’s a story where the world is shaped by the heroes actions and there are long term consequences.

I hope everyone can give Ignited #1 a go because from every interview with creator Mark Waid I’ve read, he’s been building something special. I think we all can agree that a third major superhero world would be awesome. (I know about Valiant but they haven’t convinced me)

So please Buy Ignited #1 and see what you think, or go to Comixology and read Ignition (the free comic book day title).

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Sounds interesting. Might give it a go considering I’m a student

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I see they put a lot on Comixology Unlimited.

I wouldn’t expect it to come to Comixology Unlimited anytime soon though.

I was just looking through what my local comic book store has on sell tomorrow and and saw this but didn’t know anything about it. I might have to check it out now.

Definitely check it out. Worst case it’s not for you and you can say you got to watch the universe begin! I’ve really enjoyed the preview for the comic and the FCBD comic!