A New DC Digital First issue every day

Just noticed that DC is putting out a new Digital First book every day starting today with Superman: Man of Tomorrow: Power Play. Each book is priced at 99 cent and is somewhere between 16 and 25 pages. Pretty good deal. Just read the first issue by Robert Venditti, Paul Pelletier and Drew Hennessy, and it was a pretty good and uplifting story.


Looks like these are the digital releases of the new stories in the 100 Page Giants.


Ok. Cool if that’s the case, as I haven’t been getting any of those. Too expensive for just one story, as I have most of the rest in those books already.


Wow, Paul Pelletier. I don’t know if he’s underrated, but he’s very very good, and I don’t see him enough.

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I know that these issues are “just” the Walmart Giant stories, but still: yes, more of this!


Close, but not really. The stories that were part of the exclusive Wal-Mart Giants have already been reprinted in six issue mini-series (Batman: Universe, Superman: Up Up & Away, and Wonder Woman: Come Back to Me). This is apparently all material from when they relaunched the giants as less exclusive and even made them available to LCS markets.

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Those giants still appeared in Walmart. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sure, but I felt it was necessary to stress, since those exclusive Giants had some pretty big names (I mean, the talent on these books are nothing to scoff at, but they’re not Tom King or Brian Michael Bendis big) and didn’t want people to get exciting for something it isn’t.

No Walmart near that sells the Giants (nearest is ~70 miles away) so I’ve missed out. Looking forward to these.

Oh, I think this is an excellent way to digitally release these stories.

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Really happy about this. I wish they would have released NCBD as usual digitally too though.

The comic business is one of those that have the easiest to transistion to the new covid-landscape and they rather halt the business than let the medium go digital for a while. I don’t see any winners in this.

Fewer comics for the readers
Less work for writers and artists
Potential loss of lives as reluctance to embrace digital rushes the return of physical comics before it is safe

Jeremy who only accepts comics in physical medium even in the face of a mass death pandemic doesn’t have to avoid spoilers for Batman #92 until comics are safe to distribute.

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But my longboxes! :stuck_out_tongue:

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