A Missed Easter Egg in Stargirl 'Brainwave' Episode

I was reading the article of Brainwave episode easter egg, there was 1 little easter egg the writer miss and it’s right in the Beginning of Brainwave episode.
In the beginning, we see bunch of mouses in the Cage with a becon on their head, look familiar? It’s a reference to Batman the animated series episode of Mad As A Hatter.:grinning:
I was sad and sorry that this didn’t get mention in the article and I just wanted to point that out.


What is this from?

Maybe they worked in the same place, would make sense

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I thought of that, but then I thought, it’s very common for rats to be expiremented on by villains, but did you catch, when Courtney asked does this mean Cameron is one of the ISA? I think that is a slight nod to Icicle jr

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I must’ve miss that part.

Remember the part Courtney realized Icicle was Jordan, she asked Pat about Cameron

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i love that easter egg


Keeping me on my toes!

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