❤A Mismatched DC Valentine's❤

Happy Valentine’s to all of you crazy, awesome people!

Today’s a day where we spend time and give special attention to those we love - most notably “romantically”, but also our family and friends!

And today, I’m spending most of it right here with you guys. :blush::heart:

So for anybody who loves this community as much as I do and is looking for a little Valentine-spirited fun, here’s what I’m looking for:

:heart: Pair up the oddest, funkiest, most not-go-togetherest DC characters you can think of.
:heart: Post your pair(s) in the comments below.
:heart: Pick a pair from someone else’s list and create a Valentine’s Day supermini story, poem, sentence… or anything!

Let’s just keep the supermini’s to a minimum… like, seriously supermini.
I’m talking 1-5 paragraphs.
Let’s save the novellas for the Fan Creation section. :grin:


Hey neat! Now I have something to do on Valentine’s. Thanks Kitty!

straps on Idea Hat and gets to work


Sure, I’ll bite. Let’s try…

Kyle Rayner and Supergirl.
Lashina and Bronze Tiger.
Huntress and Azrael.
Lex Luthor and Cheetah.
Jason Todd and Connor Hawke.
Oracle and Martian Manhunter.
Black Canary and Zatanna.


The Penguin and Donna Troy! :penguin::clinking_glasses::girl:


Reaganfan, you and your penguins =)

If you could have a penguin for a pet, what would you name it?


Batman and stargirl


-Lobo and Granny Goodness
-Ambush Bug and Wonder Woman
-'mazing Man and Big Barda

  • “Good morning Sunshine, and happy Valentines! :heart:

Kyle felt the morning kiss on his cheek and opened his eyes to see Alexandra smiling down at him.

-“I have breakfast ready for you in the kitchen, and I made very clear for your little green ring that you are not to be disturbed today.”

With those words, the protoplasmic lifeform known as Matrix or Supergirl walked out into the kitchen. The lifeform still didn’t fully understand human emotions but understood that this form made the lantern feel better, and that was good enough for it.

Kyle knew that it wasn’t real, but Valentine’s was always the hardest day of the year, and this was a way for him to remember Alexandra and feel less alone. Matrix had the role down to the smallest detail. No one had more experience playing the role of fridged heroines than her

Too soon? :p

I already have an idea for one, but I’ll throw out a few pairings first:

Barbara Gordon and Cyborg

Catwoman and Animal Man

Starfire and Night Girl


My pleasure! :blush:


My goodness… I was not expecting so many interesting pairings! These are so ripe for creation.
Excited to see what you guys come up with! :eyes:


Vroom, if I had a pet Penguin, I would name him Applejack! :penguin::slightly_smiling_face:


What if the penguin was a lady?


Omg…! LOL
I am notorious for laughing too soon.
That story was great. Should’ve known you’d be fantastic at writing.
Thanks for joining in the fun! ^ ^


@Coville Dear god. Not what I was expecting but… incredible.


If it was a lady Penguin I’d name her KittyKrawler. :penguin::slightly_smiling_face:


Here’s one:

The bar was never that neat and tidy to begin with, but it was a shambles by the time Huntress and Azrael were done cleaning house. With the thugs beaten and the drugs and gun shipments secured, the two found themselves with a rarity as they waited for the cops to arrive: time to kill. The two sat on the rare unbroken stools, their weapons laid beside them, replaced with drinks in their hand. The cops must have been taking the scenic route, because they got move past the small talk (what little the Avenging Angel was capable of) and moved to their pasts. Worse, their faiths.

“So there I was, in the cave, with the specter of my father on one side, telling me I was failing for not finding his killer,” Azrael said, pausing to drink some seltzer water, “and the other was the specter of St Dumas himself, telling me I was failing the order I had pledged my life to.”

“Damn. And I thought Catholicism was rough,” Huntress said as she took a swig from the bottle of craft beer. “So after that, how do you…you know…”

“Still have faith? It was…touch and go for a while, but…you live your life putting good in the world…it finds a way back in, even in ways you least expect. Does that make sense?”

Her fingers found her earpiece, where Barbara is often barking in her ear. “Yeah, I think it does.” She raised her bottle, towards Azrael, “to finding it again?”

Azrael raised his glass, tapping her bottle, “And the friends we discover along the way.”

“Even if the friends have terrible taste in drinks,” she said with a snicker.

“We are still on duty, you know, can’t do that while under the influence–”

“Spoken like a true lightweight.” The groans of the beaten thugs are drowned by their laughter.


Love, love, love.
Where have you guys been hiding? :eyes::eyes::eyes:


Just popped in to thank everyone for the appreciation. D&D night tonight, but I will enjoy looking through this thread tomorrow and read everyone’s fun creations. Have fun everyone.


Here’s a haiku from Oracle to MM:

Of all I have seen
It is your stoic virtue
I admire most.