A lot of positive buzz for Titans at NYCC!

People are saying that the first couple episodes that were shown at NYCC were really good! I even read that Anna Diop’s Starfire was a breakout character in the show!

I will admit that I was taken aback by the initial trailer from SDCC because all of the changes they made to the characters that we have already fallen in love with but I certainly reserved judgement till after seeing the show. Perhaps the takeaway is that people should have reserved their previous criticisms till after seeing the show because there is a lot of good things being said about what people saw at comic con. #DCGotsThis!


Been hearing the same… and once the show starts hitting its stride, i can imagine it’ll only get better


Glad to see the positive reviews. Can’t wait until next Driday to see the debut episode!


Awesome to see some positive buzz for something DC related. They have really needed it

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SDCC was pretty good for them it seems the Aquaman and Shazam trailers were praised and there was good buzz from early Aquaman screenings so I think echo chamber of the internet is overexaggerating the amount of negative press DC has been receiving over the years.

I was surprised to here this show was good and now I’m thankful that it is. It really show’s what DC is doing and their not being controlled by Warner Bros. And it makes me have hope for the rest of the DCU shows as well. For me the most thing I was worried about on here is Young Justice because I’m a big fan of the show and I didn’t want it to go down the drain.

I am the most excited about Young Justice. I doubt they would mess Young Justice up as good as the first 2 seasons were. DC has always DOMINATED animation NO ONE can deny that. Not even Marvel fans.

So is Young Justice a new season to the show on here or it’s a new rebooted animated series?

possible spoiler alert: It’s a new season it’s going to pick up where it left off as far as I can tell because the subtitle is “Outsiders” which suggest that it will focus on characters like Static and those other meta kids that where being held captive at star labs in season two.

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That’s cool