A lot little review on JL : Gods and Monsters

So I watched Justice League Gods and Monsters for the first time since it first came out and I’m going to be brutally honest it’s watchable but definitely not the best. If you have never given it the time of day I would encourage you to watch it because this movie is definitely a unique idea put into concept of the big three of the DCU in an Elseworlds movie. I think it would have been better if it would have not restrained its self with the PG13 rating. My other big complaint it’s not clean on the story telling it continues to jump back and forth from the main story and the origins of the Big three. So if I had to give this a rating system it would be :zap::zap: Out of 5 bolts. So have do you have a favorite Elseworlds story if you do let me know below?

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Not the best by Timm.

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Hi jsmsiggy,

Like you, I recently watched the movie. I really enjoyed it!

I agree with the restraints from the PG13 rating. The R rating would have given a stronger and darker tone to the film. The PG13 just doesn’t do it justice compared to unrestrained content like in an R rated movie.

However, I must disagree with your opinion on the storytelling. I believe the jumping between the main and origin stories worked. It kept me begging for more. They also created a solid foundation for each character, making it easier to relate to each of them. Without each character’s tragic backstory, the emotional investment would not have been as strong.

A weak point that did not sit well with me was the risk factor for Wonder Woman. We were given a beautiful but tragic origin story of her, but we do not see much of that same risk from her origin during the main conflict of the film. I wish her past was somehow connected to it.

But this does not mean it was a bad movie. In my opinion, this was one of the better films I have watched on the DC Universe streaming service. I’d give this a solid :zap: :zap: :zap: :zap: out of 5 bolts.

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@Nessca I am glad you liked it and we all like what we like so if you disagree it’s ok if we were all the same it would make this world really boring.