a link between smallville and the cw flash

so before arrow and the flash and supergirl came onto tv the wb had smallville season ten when dark side invaded bodies and he always stated the the arrow always had the darkness in him and when he and Clark Kent fight at the wedding Clark’s says to him Oliver you can control it and he says back you can’t contain the darkness and from what we know about the arrow verse in the flash season three when zoom is caught by Barry his eyes go black just like Oliver queens and he even says the same line you can’t contain the darkness and his eyes goes black my theory is that for the final season of the flash on the cw will be of darkside because in the news paper it states the sky goes red and at the end of smallville season ten the sky’s go red and I believe that we will see the fight before a boom tube goes off and he vanishes

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This is the longest sentence in the history of sentences… :joy: