A Hardened Hero Heads to Europe in Batman: The Detective

What does Bruce Wayne do when he’s outgrown Gotham City? That’s the dilemma that opens Batman: The Detective #1, the debut issue of the highly anticipated new Bat-title from the star creative team of DCeased writer Tom Taylor and prolific artist Andy Kubert. In this six-issue series, an aged, hardened Batman—“the pain doesn’t fade like it used to,” he says in the book’s narration—realizes that there’s nothing keeping him in Wayne Manor.

DC Nation spoke with both Taylor and Kubert about how their partnership developed, the origins of Batman: The Detective, what makes this Bruce Wayne different from what fans see in the current pages of Batman and Detective Comics, and how Kubert sees this series as distinct from the many memorable Batman stories in his career.

Check out the full interview in the News section on dccomics.com!

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That look really interesting to read, can’t wait to read it when it comes to DC Universe Infinite! :grinning:


Heard about this. Looking forward to it. Sound interestingly awesome™:+1:.

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Initially, this was going to be a DCUI or trade read for me.

Then I read the three page preview on Comixology…

Damn my love for the Kubert’s stellar art, especially on Batman titles. I’m sold on it now.

I haven’t read a Batman-starring Batbook in print in a while (especially as it came out in single issues), so I’ll be picking this one up in print singles.