A Guy’s Guy: Fandom and Reading Guy Gardner as a Transgender Man

Indisputable proof Guy Gardner is trans
Do you think a cisgender man would have the level of RAW SWAG


@basicallytimdrake thoughts?

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As a non-cis man I can in fact confirm that only we trans men are this swaggy. I don’t make the rules, this is just how it is.


I’m going to respond to just this question, since there’s already been a discussion on some of the rest of the points in your post.

I think people have forgotten about the sliding scale nature of the Kinsey scale (spectrum). Which is that there exist people who are 1s and people who are 6s, meaning they have a definite and decided orientation to the opposite or same sex, and conversely – that those numbers in between were not as rigid or definitive.

That said, I think there are problems with looking at it as if a hero being attracted to the opposite sex was the inverse of a hero being attracted to the same sex - or that this was simply attraction and behavior had no aspect in the conversation. For example, let’s say Oswald Cobblepot on Gotham engages in casual sex with the Edward Nygma character on the show out of a desire to connect and a romantic interest, but the Nygma character views it as, to be blunt, a chance to get off. That doesn’t mean that Eddie couldn’t be romantic inclined to a man, just that he doesn’t fell that for Penguin in this particular situation.

To get back to your question, as far as we’ve seen, Tim is definitely expressing a romantic interest in and desire in Bernard. And so far, this version of Tim hasn’t expressed any opinions or stated that his previous romances with females, let’s use Cassie Sandmark here immediately prior to the 52 series, were or were not let’s say an attempt to present himself one way, that he was viewing as being acceptable to people’s whose opinions he was seeking, or simply for let’s say public consumption, versus being legitimate expressions of his own sexual desires or romantic interest.

Being bisexual doesn’t mean you’re stating you are, to get back to the Kinsey scale, a ‘6’ - or totally and solely attracted to the same sex. So, if in 2025, an arc has Tim, having ended his relationship with Bernard, on a date with some new OC character who happens to be a female, that - in itself - isn’t going to be something that most sensible people will have a problem with.

If suddenly, editorially or by the creative team (writers and artist), say from 2025 onward, Tim was exclusively shown - for say a ten year timeline - as being romantically and sexually interested in girls, people might feel, in your words, “let down.”

Personally, I don’t see things like this happening.

Writers do have that tendency to want to put their own mark on characters, particularly after long runs and after a significant introduction or development. Thus, Bendis sending Jonathan Kent into the future and having him being the foci for the Legion made his aging up a ‘Plot-Relevant Age-Up’ (to use the TV Tropes terminolgy as short hand) and someone in the future might want that same impact on Tim Drake, but I’m not sure that editorially or by executive choice, that DC will be doing this.