A Goodbye to DC Universe

Thursday is the last day of DC Universe before it becomes DC Universe Infinite. In memoriam, I would like to know what others though of this service since it’s launch in 2018.

Personally, it’s been a blast watching old and new favorites such as The Brave and the Bold, B:TAS, and Doom Patrol, while at the same time reading and learning about runs that I have never heard of before. Plus, the addition of this great community has really made this a favorite of mine to express my more nerdier side. Thank you all for being here and here’s to hoping that this service’s evolution into infinite will be just as good as this.



I’m really looking forward to Infinite. Comics are the main reason I’m here. If I’m honest, the series have all been a disappointment except Swamp Thing. I expected series true to the comics, and got Titans instead.
A fully dedicated comic subscription service sounds amazing to me, especially hearing that they will be including Black Label and old Vertigo titles. Can’t wait!


It’s not dead, we still have DC Universe, the only thing is going to be gone is the video section, but the rest are still here with a new store and more comics. It’ll change a bit, but it’s still here alive and well.:slightly_smiling_face: